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my close comedian friend, Tino “The Pun King” Romero, writes a lot of fantastic puns. So we couldn’t wait any longer & with my self taught knowledge of Photoshop (humble brag), i created a 34 page book filled with over 125 of his original puns. The process was tedious but simple. Every few days we would meet at my apartment or restaurant & go over his best puns. I would fix up the grammar where needed & help tighten up any loose ends, then envision a comedic scene for each. That would be sent to a professional cartoonist (in the Phillipeans) who was paid per art piece. I then took all the pun comics & created a book using Photoshop a local printer. I am very proud of this book & very happy for Tino to see his brilliant puns come to life. Please consider purchasing a book! Message me at BklynALEX1@gmail.com – thank you, mofos!!!https://scontent-atl3-1.xx.fbcdn.net/v/t1.0-9/18010758_10211253945696053_7449734516484338694_n.jpg?oh=6688a3b6533c4d1ca5502d426dc34c72&oe=597AFFF0

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