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I’ve been in the crazy restaurant business for 10 years w/ my brother. #VSPOT 🌱 By evening, I perform stand up comedy any chance i can find, create silly videos or memes, do all of our restaurant’s graphic design, sing karaoke, draw, eat edibles, edit video, & play futbol. Between the restaurant & stand up comedy, i’ve been in a few things:

- Season 2 of BET's "Apollo Live" where I won $1000 @ the legendary Apollo Theater
- BRIC TV's Laffaholics comedy series
- Featured on Paste Magazine's "Stand up @ Paste Studios"
- New York Comedy Festival featuring for McQueen Adams at the Ace Hotel
- NY Eve Comedy Festival @ the AMC 34th street theater
- "Paid Or Pain" hosted by porn star Lisa Ann where I won a few bucks
- Featured on Caribbean TV via "Island Xclusive" as a comedian in the restaurant business
- African Islands of Seychelles w/ the hysterical Tony Woods of HBO & Comedy Central
- Opened for Caribbean sensation MAJAH HYPE in front of 1,000 people @ Amazura Concert Hall
- Bullshitted my way on CBS' reality show, "The Job"
- Performed in the Sacramento Comedy Festival
- Passed @ The World Famous Comic Strip Live lottery show auditions
- POPCORN FLIX (Live @ New York Comedy Club original series) performing a 10 minute uncensored stand up comedy set
- ABC Channel 7's "Neighborhood Eats" & "Taxi TV" for his VSPOT restaurant
- Montel Williams' new show "Living Well"
- NIKE & Footlocker commercial as a soccer player.
- Daily News
- PETA Latino
- NBCNews.com
- New York Times Food blog
- Telemundo
- News 12 Brooklyn
- Island Xclusive
- El Diario
- The Daily News


“The Brooklyn native is pretty busy these days. Not only does Alex Carabaño co-run three Latin-themed vegan eateries, he is also a very sought-after up & coming comedian. This unsigned talent is quickly on the rise with humor about his veggie diet in a close-minded Colombian family, playing soccer with people from across the globe, working in the restaurant business for many years, & more. Alex’s talents have landed him on BET where he won $1000 at the legendary Apollo theater, Paste Magazine’s Stand up Studio feature, visiting the African island of Seychelles opening for Tony Woods, the CBS season premiere of “The Job,” Sirius XM radio’s “American Latino Radio,” PETA Latino, & across the Caribbean on TV via “Island Xclusive.”

stalk me on Instagram: http://instagram.com/alexcarabano and/or subscribe to my YouTube channel: http://www.youtube.com/user/MakefunNotwar. If you’re on Facebook, please ‘like’ my NEW fan page: https://www.facebook.com/AlexCarabanoCOMEDY



Footlocker TV commercial (I was the player wearing all red)

As well, I love playing futbol with all my crazy immigrants through out NY/NJ & doing graphic design:

Would you like to see a picture of what I ate this morning? Then add me on Facebook:

(i’ll like you too.)


– Born & raised in Brooklyn, New York.

– Ethnic background mostly from Colombia with a touch of Greek back in the fam


– I have no stage experience prior to stand up comedy & have never taken any acting classes but PLEASE recommend a class or teacher! I will also soon co-star in the web series “Short Order” as my own character El Chefe of Pot & Pans which was a YouTube series I created on my own & was featured on New York Magazine Online.
– Zodiac Sign:

comeee onnnn escorpion!

Favorite quotes:

~ “I am constantly learning… The tombstone will be my diploma.”

~ “Count your blessings, not your troubles!”

~ “Any relationship worth having must survive doubt.”

~ “You laugh at me because i’m different, i laugh because you’re all the same.”

~ “Music washes away from the soul the dust of everyday life.”


12 thoughts on “About ME

  1. vinyasa says:

    youre the bomb carabano

  2. Lindsey says:

    You are hilarious!! Tell me you are single!! =)

  3. […] starring Alex Carabano Skip to content HomeAbout ME!Fotos!MUSIC!!!My Photoshop phunnies!PressShopVideo ← Working out is hard […]

  4. Pete says:

    You’re a funny dude! maybe I can finally check you out “Live” on the 18th.

  5. Andrew says:

    Your recent Rosetta Stone video is offensive. I am a gay Jamaican who is well aware of the meaning of “chi chi man” and the horrible consequences of promoting this violent and hateful speech. Recent murders of gay men in Jamaica and the open hostility towards any gay person in Jamaica is only made worse by the promotion of this behavior in various forms of media, such as your proud multiple postings on Facebook.

    • i apologize if you were offended as this video was not intended to be “anti-gay” in any format. this was merely a funny idea I had after seeing all these Rosetta Stone commercials mixed with mocking Jamaica’s “behind the times” view on homosexuality. in the comedy world, i will at times impersonate different cultures, lifestyles & accents. this was merely to display my range as a comedian

  6. tray says:

    what high school did you go to?

  7. Hi Alex, how can I contact you professionally?

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