Crazy past month… BET ComicView!

I’ve been hitting up a lot of stages, trying my best to hustle onto every & any comedy show from Williamsburg hipster rooms to a tourist crowd at The Stand Comedy Club to barking for The Village Lantern to the back of a spanish restaurant in The Bronx. In each room, i make adjustments to my set depending on the crowd. For example, Williamsburg hipsters get to hear all about my struggles as a vegetarian in a Latin family to my “beef” with vegans. (Not actual beef, it’s soy based) If i’m in Harlem, i’ll talk about my experiences growing up around Jamaicans (Ya done know!) to the pathetic ways men cat call women on the streets of New York. Since I started stand up comedy in 2010, I havent been able to hustle the comedy scene as much as I would like because of my day job but I am pleased to announce that I auditioned for BET ComicView recently (thanks to Jon Laster & Kevin Powell), and last week got a call back to be considered for the next round of comedians. It does not mean i’m on the show (yet *fingers crossed*) but it’s a great honor to even be considered because I used to watch that show as a teenager. Whether they ultimately choose me or not, I will still be very happy that I got a callback & I’m on their radar. I also aim to audition for Showtime at The Apollo which is coming up! I used to watch that show as a teenager right after Saturday Night Live. It would be amazing to get on that show!!!


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