3 great shows down, 2 more to go

Tuesday night at Bungalo Lounge in Astoria turned out to be a fun little show hosted by local favorite: Aldo Marachlian but the surprise of the week so far has been Lance Weiss’ “Gandhi, is that you?” comedy show held at Lucky Jack’s. It was a packed room which I hosted having an amazing time. Then on Thursday night, I had a great time at the Sahayta Comedy Show Fundraiser held in Broadway Comedy Club’s main room hosted by Dan Nainan. Sahayta is a non-profit organization based in India which provides support to cancer patients. It was a great experience to be performing in front of this Indian-American crowd where I had to do 8 mins of “clean” material. Most of my material was about vegetarianism & veganism with a hint of NYC catcalling & French rap mixed in. I had such a  gratifying feeling to know that I am improving as a stand up comedian & I can handle myself in such a contrasting crowd versus the night before. They really enjoyed my set & many people came up to me afterwards with compliments. Shout outs to Narinder Singh who was hilarious & also helped put the event together.

So now I have two more shows left this week, tomorrow night at The Laugh Lounge (which is soon to close down) & then I have to rush over to Stand up NY for a quick spot. Wish me luck, fomos!!!


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