Great time at Bar82!

Friday night I had a great time along with a great set at Tino Romero’s bar82 comedy show. When I walked into the place I thought the show was by the bar so I was a bit confused not realizing there was a separate back showroom with a packed crowd. After the show, we were all stuck inside because it was POURING out which ended up being a mad fun time hanging & joking with fellow comics/friends. The host introduced me as a “film maker” after seeing my short skit co-starring Tino Romero: I had to tease him about that immediately which really got the crowd going, “And by film maker he means… I uploaded a video on YouTube. Pay attention because there is a film maker on stage. Look at me in my film maker lesbian shorts!” Overall I had a great time because I usually don’t hang with comics but this group was a lot of fun. Shout outs to Crystian F. Ramirez, Mike Hernandez Vacas, Freddy Sheffield, Wilson McDermitt, my brother Danny & of course, Tino Esteban Romero! A short clip from my set that night will be up soon…


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