1st time hosting Bar4 comedy show + veggie pride parade

Sunday night was my first time hosting the very well respected/hilarious free comedy show run by comedian & cheesecake extraordinaire Frank Gallo at Bar4 located on 7th avenue in Park Slope. https://i1.wp.com/bar4brooklyn.com/images/bar4home.jpg
It was an honor to host & definitely a great learning experience because usually it’s the very talented Yannis Pappas up there but he was away doing a Florida tour for his funny character Maurica. It was only my 3rd time performing on this show so I was definitely nervous yet excited to be the actual host. As you may know, I had my official start in stand up February 21st, 2010 so I was proud to already be trusted for this venue.

I would say I did well for my first time hosting here but I like to be honest with all my performances and it was definitely nothing special. I have hosted The Village Lantern, Vspot show & even Broadway Comedy Club much much stronger but I personally also feel that this crowd definitely could have given us more enthusiasm. All the comedians seemed to struggle but in my opinion the last comic Doug Smith did the best with Kyle Ficham a close second. Mike Dobbins had me laughing a lot but for some reason he didn’t click with all of the audience that night. As for myself, I was a bit hesitant and my energy wasn’t as strong as it was 2 nights earlier where I had 2 great sets, one of which I was the warm up for Judah Friedlander who watched my full set & liked my vegan/vegetarian material. He was a cool, funny dude on & off stage.

If you don’t know, hosting can be tough because your main goal is to keep the crowd entertained so you have to find a balance between being funny while improvising with crowd yet not offending anyone. It’s more pressure but it’s good pressure that will only help an up & coming comic like myself improve overall. You also don’t really get to do your full set of material. You have to slip it in there in between crowd work. So thank you to Frank Gallo, Yannis & Bar4 for the fun learning experience & hopefully I will have the opportunity again. But regardless, GO check them out EVERY Sunday starting around 9:30pm. It’s a great show!!

Now part of the reason my energy was a bit low that night was because I was emotionally & physically exhausted from being at the “Veggie Pride Parade” held in Union Square. This was one of the funniest events I have ever been to because 95% of the crowd was vegan/vegetarian yet every last one of them felt the need to promote such a life style amongst each other. Talk about preaching to the choir!https://i2.wp.com/rlv.zcache.com/ask_me_why_im_vegetarian_tshirt-p235149128222711794bfdxp_400.jpg
Ask you why you’re vegetarian? I just wanna know why your titties are so small!

Every person who went on stage to speak, all mentioned the health benefits of vegetarianism (as if we didn’t already know) but then even worse, would go into graphic detail about slaughterhouses. So a hot beautiful Sunday afternoon turned into an ugly guilt ridden rally. I got there feeling happy but left feeling shitty for being a “cruel” human being. This one lady was up there telling us about a “moment” she had with a chicken she had met. I couldn’t help but laugh because it was almost romantic, border lining beastiality.  ♪ NOW YOU’RE JUST A CHICKEN THAT I USED TO KNOWWWW! ♫


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