2 years young doing stand up comedy…

This month marks my 2 years officially doing stand up comedy. I use the word official because I originally wanted to try stand up out years ago after being introduced to a Gotham Writer’s class but was unable to pursue my objective. So in January of 2010, I went to my first open mic. I was pretty depressed at the time & knew that 2010 was the year to do something different so I randomly searched for open mics online & found one at New York Comedy Club. It was a shitty rainy night where I had a shitty rainy performance. I think I got one giggle the entire 5 minute set but that giggle was enough to make me come back. I did mics for one full month then on February 21st, I did my first bringer show which was headlined by Wil Sylvince of Def Comedy Jam.  It was on Queen’s comedian Pudge Fernandez’s “Hot Pudge Sunday” show at the Laugh Lounge. I had a great set in front of some great friends who came to support.

After the performance, I had an emotional low again where I barely did any comedy. Then I met Kate Wolff. She was dating my brother Danny at the time & immediately after I met her, I knew she had something special for comedy. I actually told her that SHE should try out stand up. And within a month, she had a set ready & did her first open mic at Broadway Comedy Club.

Thanks to her, she pushed me to continue stand up again. We would travel to various open mics around Brooklyn, Manhattan & Queens. Most open mics are dreadful but when you have someone as fun as Kate with you, each mic becomes more entertaining than the last.

Since then I have had brief waves of “stardom.” After exactly one year doing stand up, I had to follow Dave Attell of Comedy Central at Stand Up NY’s Blac-Tino show where I did GREAT! Sample Clip: http://youtu.be/A-WQWP0nezQ

Shortly after, Kate & I then started a monthly show which I hosted. Headliners included: Dustin Chafin (Comedy Cellar & Broadway Comedy Club), Andrew Schulz (Eastville Comedy Club & Comedy Cellar), Harrison Greenbaum (Andy Kaufman Award) & Wil Sylvince (Def Comedy Jam).

Then I was featured on Broadway Comedy Club’s “Best Of Broadway Emerging Talent Series.”

And then featured on The Hangover 2’s Latino Showcase held in Broadway Comedy Club’s main room:

Then I got two paid hosting gigs, one for a Super Steelers NFL trivia night & the other was a fundraiser for Mercy Corps to raise money for Japanese relief efforts. $ $ $

Shortly after, I became friends with Wil Sylvince after meeting him at Broadway Comedy club while interning. Wil then hooked me up with some paid gigs that taught me a lot. Watching a professional really helps you step up your game.

Then I auditioned for Comic Strip Live’s lottery show where I had a near perfect performance & passed. I wish I had that set on tape because it was a great experience. My judges were Rich Vos, Vic Henley & Rich Vos’ wife whose name I forgot. None of the three had anything bad to say nor did the club’s booker JR. Some of the online comments were read aloud by the host & two were asking for “more Alex!” Ultimately it was the audience who decided my fate applausing loudest over the other contestants.

to be continued… (im sleepy)


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