LOWDOWN LIVE comedy show in Harlem at Creole Supper Club…

Last night I got to perform on Angelo Lozado‘s LOWDOWN LIVE comedy show in Harlem, NY at Creole Restaurant & Music Supper Club. I was the only “new jack” on the show which was hosted by the great Angelo Lozado & featured Wil Sylvince of Def Comedy Jam, Imagine from Laugh Lounge & headliner Kool Bubba Ice of Def Comedy Jam & BET’s ComicView. I am about to hit 2 years since my first official set on a real comedy show & I must admit that I am headed in the right direction. I have improved a lot & I handled the room well. Of course, I still need a lot of work as a comedian but it felt good to have a strong set & get compliments from the veterans who were on the show. I usually feel shy to admit it but since my set was taped I got to see how well I handled this urban crowd which for some, is not easy. A year ago I would have struggled but this time around, I felt very calm. I did a few “characters,” got to mess with my Jamaican accent while mixing in written material. I didn’t do any crowd work because I was unaware of how much time i was scheduled to do so i didn’t want to waste any minutes. Right before i went up, he said I would do about 5-7 mins but he let me stay up there because I was doing well & I ended up finishing at 10 minutes. Anyways, it was a great show at a great restaurant produced by a very cool, funny & great comic in Angelo Lozado. I had mad fun & learned a lot from all the comedians featured. You should definitely check his next show out!!!
Here is a cell phone pic of some of the crowd getting settled in:


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