Same Sex Marriage & Gay Pride Parade NYC

So the other day New York legalized same sex marriage during the weekend of the Gay Pride parade. It’s pretty ironic that the celebrations of gay marriage will only lead to even more one night stands by the community. The exact OPPOSITE meaning of marriage!

The only issue I’ve had so far was today while walking through Central park.  I witnessed a gay man proposing to his boyfriend… except he got down on two knees and pulled out a diamond cock ring!
It’s all good, people. Let them do what they want. We are all equals! They should have the right to be miserable after two years of marriage just like the rest of us!! (They don’t realize what an excuse they had to avoid marrying their partner… Fuckin ingrates!)
As I walked through the West Village I saw all the rainbows heading to the parade. Colorful, loud, drunk, energetic & horny were a few keywords to imagine. And that’s when I had a scary thought for the NYPD… What if the Gay Pride parade was on the same day as the Puerto Rican Day parade???
Arma-GAY-don!! Analihlation!!!


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