F*CK the (traffic) police!

So I borrowed a friend’s car this weekend which seemed like a good idea. Turns out it became more of a purchase rather than a favor! As I walked casually back to the car (after dropping off my laundry) I see from the distance, that fucking dreaded orange “envelope of debt.”

$220!!! Believe that shit? Lemme say that again… $220!!! Could you believe that shit? Not $50Not $75, but $220!!! *And if you act late, we’ll double your fine & you may be subject to imprisonment!

I hate traffic officers & I hate tickets! One time I almost drop kicked an old Guatamalan man for putting a Home Depot flyer on my car. I thought it was a parking ticket when I knew I was legally parked!

To add to my frustrations, I like how they offer a feature to pay online in efforts to “make it easier.” Hey nyc.gov, it doesn’t get any any easier when you’re broke regardless! You could come to my house if you want, i still ain’t gonna have the money!

And what kind of fucked up job is that: Traffic officer? Fuckin water downed cops walking the streets of New York hated by everyone! I wonder what the application process like?

I only work at a restaurant & I never look forward to dealing with customers! So how do these people wake up five days a week knowing they will be routinely spit on and/or cracked over the head with a baseball bat?

Actually, you might think twice about pummeling an officer over a parking ticket, because assaulting a traffic agent is now a felony!

The law, which took effect recently, upgrades an attack on an agent from a misdemeanor to a felony that calls for a maximum sentence of seven years. I just don’t get it…
Martin Luther King… great activist… ASSASSINATED!

John Lennon… great singer/songwriter… ASSASSINATED!

Tanisha Watkins… fuckin bitch meter maid… ALIVE & WELL!

How are these blue hyenas able to safely scour the Earth in search of wounded vehicles? Lions, rise up!!!


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