Happy Birthday to ME! + photos

Friday, November 19th, 2010 is the day I become “more interesting” as one Colombian lady put it. I’m still not sure what that means, since i’m pretty damn interesting already! (And by interesting i mean, “bi-polar.”) CHAX!

“cause i’m HOT & i’m COLD… i’m YES & im NO…”

So people keep asking me how I feel… Honestly, I feel really good. Maybe it was a good idea to stop eating meat? Maybe laughter really is the fountain of youth?? Or maybe in a few days, it’ll all settle in with some new aches & pains.

The other day this old man over heard me say, “I’m getting old!” & he replied with, “You’re getting old? What about me?” So i replied with, “Sir… i said I’M GETTING OLD… You ARE old!”

But actually, I went clubbing recently & that’s when I felt a bit out of date. Not because I looked old or anything like that but because the way these young kids react to getting drunk & being out with friends. They’re at that stage where its still such a big deal so they act like fools: crowded VIP section with bottles of Grey Goose, shady white guys doing coke in the bathroom, the crowd going wild to “pa-pa-panoamerico!,” chicharronconqueso!, black dudes grinding on chicks, fraternity brothers looking to fight, promoters pretending the model girls they’re with are NOT using them, chubby blonde chicks looking to get fingered, etc. (all the usual 21 year old nonsense!)

I still had a great time but handing my ID to the bouncer made me think: when I was 19 or 20, i wanted a fake ID to make me seem OLDER. (Luckily, i would use my brother’s ID to sneak in.) But now at my age, i never would have guessed that I would want a fake ID… to make me seem YOUNGER!

So my bday party was maddd fun & I got the gift I wanted: a gym membership. After a few Absolute Brooklyns, my cousin Fabian was once again the star of the show! Below are a few pictures:

los hermanos

some of the crew @ vspot

Dave, Danny & Kate’s booty

Danny, Alex, Ana & Fabian

Alex & Ana

Well, another year down, a bunch more to go. I don’t complain about getting older nor do I make a big deal about birthdays. I’m just happy to be ALIVE! Some people don’t make it past 18 so cherish the moments. Live, love & laugh!!!
Feliz cumpleaños, escorpiones!


One thought on “Happy Birthday to ME! + photos

  1. jimmyMac says:

    Happy belated bra, Good Stuffage!
    Thanks Mano, you got the West-side of the Rockies rockin’!

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