my “bedroom bully” sketch video has 1.8 million views on Facebook but the thieves removed my credits!!!

Someone stole & re-uploaded my “BEDROOM BULLY” sketch & removed my end credits plus put their own watermark on it. It sucks really bad except that it has over 1.8 million views!!! #craycray

Here is original version via my YouTube channel. (please subscribe now)

i performed on Turks & Caicos Islands w/ TK Kirkland, Wil Sylvince, Skeet Carter, Bruhman, & more!!!

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What an amazing experience!!! I had a blast & thankfully had a strong set. I would love to return to that gorgeous island full of beautiful people.

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Image may contain: 4 people, people smiling, outdoor and nature

NY COMEDY FESTIVAL TONIGHT! Comedy Central presents…

I’m doing a brief set at the awesome Ace Hotel in Chelsea, NYC with the New Comic All-Stars then the talented McQueen Adams will headline the show. It’s part of the New York Comedy Festival & absolutely FREE.🤘🏼

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i was having a rough week but still got up on stage with all these GREAT comics. Thank you Remy for the spot!

My new weekly comedy show was POPPIN! Shout outs to Daniel Perafan, Von DeCarlo, Mc Jin, Walker Hays, Kevin Gootee, & Tino Romero. After i helped bark pedestrians in & asked already dining customers to watch, I also went up to perform 12 minutes. This show i started not very long ago has helped me to develop nicely in a safe environment while exposing people to our healthy Latin cuisine.

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performed a 10 min guest spot for my first time at the historic Dangerfield’s altering my routine slightly & thankfully the crowd really enjoyed it, as well as the owner, Tony, who was watching & passed me immediately to join their roster of comics. 💥💥 I’ve heard mixed reviews about this place but I thought it was fucking cool as hell. This awesome guy Tony was best friends with my comedic idol Rodney Dangerfield when they opened back in 1969!! I love their old school feel which is like being in a time capsule from the piano man on stage with you, to the little table lamps that use actual wax candles, to the mature NY crowd, to Chario Antonio (their 80 year old longtime waiter). This doesn’t mean I “made it,” (so you can stop saying that now) ((thenx)) but it was an accomplishment i’m proud of. I love performing & maybe one day it’ll lead to something bigger but I am very happy with my current pace & improvements. (I recently stopped drinking before performing which was a fantastic decision.) Now I’ve been doing for a while but it’s always been a side hustle. Don’t forget, my brother Danny along with our great friend Steve & myself, all still run a small chain of Latin Vegan eateries full-time, which we’ve hustled for many many years now, so that energy may never derail. I’ll just continue to squeeze in more time for comedy as things progress. To be honest, if things get even better, I don’t even think i could actually handle a life of full time comedy 😂😭 but we’ll cross that bridge IF we get there. I just want to also thank the awesome & hilarious David Suarez & his New Comic All-Stars for the spot plus DAVID MCKAY for coming thru. It was very cool performing alongside Paul Virzi, Bob DiBuono, former writer for Rodney, Jeffrey Gurian, & all the other hysterical comics including those who I mingled with by the bar. I have nothing but positive things to say: great staff, great comics, great crowd, & great atmosphere. I hope to one day be like Mr.Dangerfield utilizing our back showroom at VSpot Organic to showcase talent because I know how hard it is to find a booker who will giveyou a chance without a current respectable TV credit. #feelingthankful


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