my Usain Bolt video went viral on Facebook!!!

wow, i didn’t see that coming. On Monday, i made a little Usain Bolt video which somehow has currently over 772,000 total views (that i know of). some people stole & re-uploaded it on their own entertainment pages which i’m OK with but it’s crazy though! i now have 425 friend requests which is DOPEEE but PLEASE people, just ‘like’ my fanpage or subscribe to my YouTube channel or follow me on Instagram instead. (just search my name there because I won’t be able to accept everyone here.) 😕 in this entertainment game, you have to build a following on your social media accounts so help me out. and i see that my Jamaican videos are a big hit so i will definitely do more but i dunno… dem na ready fi dis! dem cyant angle me!! i man is a blood claat comedy SOLDIER!!! 💥🔫😜🇯🇲🇺🇸🇨🇴 #ThanksEveryone #Blessings

To view the video, here is the link –

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blessed to be on these hot lineups @ NY comedy club & Caroline’s

last night, I had a blast opening up the 7pm show at New York Comedy Club. I was next door at our VSPOT Gramercy location working & hanging with The Cooligans for the Euro Final before my set. Tonight, i’m on The Village Lantern’s 8pm show then rushing over to Times Square for Caroline’s On Broadway’s 9pm show. I am truly blessed to squeeze in time away from our restaurants to pursue my love of performing stand up comedy. No manager nor agent, the hustle is all me. I am so grateful to be a part of these power house line ups.

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50 cent!!!

look who was in the audience for Comedian Lord‘s tribute comedy show. (but why’s he so close to me though??🌈😝😝) #50cent #coolassdude #greatseeingeverybody #RIPlord
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PAID OR PAIN? w/ porn star Lisa Ann

I had a blast performing on this show! Before we went on stage, there was an amateur stand up comedy competition where comics must perform 7 funny minutes in order to get PAID but if the audience is not feeling them, they must feel PAIN by a dominatrix in front of the whole crowd.

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