SEPT. 2nd @ 10pm watch me on BET’s Apollo Live (Season 2)

tune into BET on September 2nd @ 10pm as I attempt to survive the toughest crowd in the world: The Apollo Theater in Harlem! It will be for season 2 of BET’s Apollo Live where motherfuckers will be DYING to boo me on national television so I need all the luck I can get. If I can last even just 60 seconds, I will win $1000!!! The show is hosted by Tony Rock & will feature musical guest A$AP ROCKY. 


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Do me a favor & please ‘like’ my new comedy fan page on facebook. It will contain updates, exclusive video & my stand up comedy show schedule! thank youuuuuuu


Photo: thank you to everybody who came to the taping of my set for Popcorn Flix, that shit was crazy fun! (and watching the live Haitian band after was pretty dope too.) shout outs to Empire Tonight for the opportunity & to my peeps in the audience: Alina Angelica Vanessa Morales William J. Carabano Danny Carabano Kika Lévy Baz Dreisinger Moe Lopez Hollywood Ric Seven Citer Steve Simicich
Thank you to my friends & a couple fans who came to the taping of my set for Popcorn Flix, that shit was crazy fun! Shouts to Empire Tonight & New York Comedy CLub for the opportunity. A fan in the audience knew my Jamaican material & called it out, it was surreal. I actually had someone shout out a joke they wanted to hear but I didn’t do it because its a bit vulgar & I didn’t want to scare the European tourists lol. My set will air on AppleTV, Roku devices, cell phone apps & online via POPCORN FLIX. Also, look out for me next month on BET’s season 2 of “Apollo Live” where I have to survive the world’s most difficult room: THE APOLLO THEATER IN HARLEM!!!


Daniel Tirado (AXS-TV), Brendan Fitzgibbons (Ghandi), Josh Wesson (MTV), Mark DeMayo (BET), Yamienka Sanders (NBC), Malone McFly (NOT SURE), Tino Romero (NYCC), Jamie Roberts (BET), myself (CRUSHIN LIFE) & Nathan McIntosh (Comedy Central)

Check me out on Myq Kaplan’s podcast

Comedian Myq Kaplan who’s a vegan sits with myself & comedian/actor Sean Crespo to find out what “Hallucibation” really means! (I was Hallucibating off some funky chocolates through out the recording lol.)

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